The Unique Architectural Buildings of Embassy Row

Washington D.C. has several unique embassies that are really worth taking a walk or a drive by to observe the beauty of their architecture. These embassies include; the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, The Embassy of Cameroon, The Embassy of Guyana, and The Embassy of Estonia. The embassies are all unique individually in their designs, architecture, and eco-friendliness, and they all add charm and regality to the historical area of Embassy Row.

The Embassy of Cameroon is an architectural beauty that is located in Georgetown. This amazing building is a hallmark of architecture that is has important roots in Christianity. Several stories high and towering in its regality overlooking the street below, The Embassy of Cameroon is a sure stop on any architectural tour, or casual walk around the city with its ornate balconies and beautiful double windows.

The United Arab Emirates Embassy was awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or the (LEED) award. UAE Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba, is dedicated to making sure that the embassy is as environmentally friendly as possible. Out of all the embassies in the world, The United Arab Emirates Embassy came in second place based on the criteria of the (LEED) award; “energy efficiency, water usage, waste management, materials selected, transportation and indoor environmental quality”. The UAE embassy has beautiful and ornate yellow inlays and is truly stunning. It is wonderful example of architectural design, and is unique in its motivation towards self-sufficiency.

The Embassy of Guyana represents Guyana, which is located in South America. The building is brick, and appears almost cottage-like, and is very quaint. This Embassy, although it’s base is in Guyana, has a Swiss appearance and is extremely charming. The Embassy of Guyana will make you forget that you are in the big city, and will make you think that you are walking through a Swiss ski resort on a great vacation!

The Embassy of Estonia is a beautiful rounded building on the corner of where two streets intertwine. This astounding piece of art is spherical and has carved out and strategically placed columns which add an air of elegance to the building. With wooden and doors placed artistically to complement its white brick, this Embassy will be sure to draw any viewer’s eye in as an important piece of architectural history on your next walk through on Embassy Row!

All the embassies on Embassy Row each represent a unique piece of historical and architectural importance and signify the symbolism of teamwork between the United States of America and the country that the embassies represent. Each building is a unique work of architectural art that is worth a walk by and a pause in consideration of their beauty and importance of the world, one by one, on your current walk through Embassy Row. So come take a second to appreciate the true beauty and historical importance of this wonderful and beautiful neighborhood, that represents so much political importance of teamwork with these amazing countries!