What Types Of Art May You Enjoy In Miami?

Miami is home to some of the finest art in the world. The art sits in galleries, private collections and collections that have been opened to the public. Art in Miami has become one of the greatest attractions in the community, and visitors must consider how much art they want to see when they pay a visit to south Florida. This article takes a brief look at what sort of art the visitor will see once they are on the ground.

#1: Family Art Collections

Family art collections in Miami have a wide range of classic and modern art to choose from. The Marguiles and Rubell families both have galleries to showcase their collections, and the old family money has been used to purchase art to view from the olden days. The oldest paintings are often classics that were purchased at auction, but both families will spend their money on new art that was created by some of the modern masters. The collections are offer a proper look at every style of art possible.

#2: Modern Artists

Modern artists are often featured at Art Basel in Miami, and the modern galleries in the city have new work from artists who are working today. The De La Cruz Collection and George Lindemann Collection feature young artists who are currently selling their art to appreciative audiences. The Miami art community is growing with new artists who are supported by family collections and the Art Basel festival.

#3: Why Is Modern Art Growing In Popularity?

Modern art is growing in popularity because it is the new classic. Modern art is seen as a family investment for the future. An art collector who purchased modern art for a low price in the early part of the 21st Century may sell their art in the future for quite a lot of money. The family may build their wealth using art, and the art may be sold to produce cash flow. Wealthy families are quite wise with their money, and they prefer to park their money with artists who are appreciative of the support.

The Miami art community is fueled by wealthy investors who have moved to the area, and they have helped grow Art Basel into an excellent exhibition for modern art. The modern artist who wishes to thrive in the world of competitive selling must come to Miami to find the world’s finest supporters.