Where to look for art to buy in Miami

Buying quality artwork is not only reserved for the rich people. It is easier than always perceived to get a quality piece of artwork from both emerging and well-known artists. First, it is critical to put into consideration the medium that you prefer the artwork presented on. Miami has a prolific artwork selection that will surely satisfy even the most ambitious and choosy artwork collectors. There are recognized locations in Miami where art collectors and enthusiast must visit to select their preferred pieces of art when in Miami. Celebrities who often visit Miami have become part of art collectors for either totally new pieces or adding to their already existing collection.
Art Basel in Miami is a good example that attracts popular celebrities around the globe. Collectors like, George Lindemann Jr., Madonna, Brett Rattner, Adrien Brody and Leonardo Dicaprio have visited several art galleries in Miami and even participated in art events.

Avant Gallery

Avant Gallery is a place known to offer fascinating and unique artworks created by new artists. The gallery focuses on painting and sculpture. The gallery location also hosts a high-end restaurant. Avant gallery which was created by Dmitry Prut, who is a native of New York, hosts Rockwell Nightclub and several pop-up shops that make the area an attraction for celebrates. The gallery has featured in many respected art blogs and other recognized periodicals. The Miami News Times referred the gallery as the most sought-after Amazon art seller. Amazon entered into a partnership with Avant Gallery to create the Amazon art. The partnership offers oil paintings, print paintings, digital prints, acrylic painting, landscape photography and much more.


Elemental is another location where you can purchase artwork when you are in Miami. The shop is located at the Bass Museum near Miami Beach. Here you can get a number of obscure items that have not been exposed too much to the public. This gallery is best suited for collectors who want to get new works to unveil at events or in their homes.


Evlworld is another respected artwork collection gallery in Miami. The gallery offers a chance to choose varieties of artwork of different mediums; sculptures, books, watches, and other mediums. The gallery has pop graffiti art done by Erni Vales both at the location and on their website online. This is a nice place for art collectors to sample different works that are displayed and sold here.