Helping Middle East Refugees through Charitable Relief Organization

There has been information shared with the public that nearly half of all of the Syrian population has had the unfortunate event of being displaced because of all of the fighting that is going on in Syria. Many of these Syrians have ended up re-locating in Iraq where the violence has unfortunately also escalated tremendously due to ISIS continuing to fight for all of the power. In addition to the Syrians having to leave, this has also caused many of the Iraqis to have to leave their homes, as well.

It’s an everyday event that these stories are heard on the news now. The question is, though, how is one able to help in these situations? It’s not an option for everyone to just join the United States Military and go and physically fight this problem, so how can the rest of the United States citizens share their help? Here are some refugee support groups that offer aid and assistance to those in need in the Middle East:

1. Northern Virginia Refugee Fund: Located in Fairfax, Virginia
2. Al-Ehsan Charitable Relief Organization: Located in Washington, DC
3. Islamic Call Organization: Located in Rosslyn, VA
4. Muslim Immigration and Refugee Services: Located in Washington, DC

These groups are dedicated and committed to helping all of the refugees that are located in the Middle East as well as the United States. Dr. Attawia strives to help these refugees that have had their lives impacted and turned upside down by war. They provide their assistance in the form of aid, such as food, water, supplies and more, as well as in education.

Some other organizations that can be found online that also strive to help the refugees in and from the Middle East are:

1. This organization has been around for more than 80 years. They provide those that are affected by war with hygiene products as well as clean water. They also have people working in the refugee camps where they are providing legal services as well as education services.

2. World Vision: This group has a team that is located in Iraq who are striving to provide the refugees with food, water, shelter, sanitation and also safety.

These are just a few of the many different organizations that are offering help and support to those in the Middle East that have been affected by the wars. Reach out to one today to start getting involved.