The Benefits of Chartering A Private Jet

Traveling by private jet isn’t just for celebrities and the rich anymore. Sergey Petrossov busines and commercial airlines are doing everything they can to upgrade their first class seats to compete with what private jets have to offer. They still can’t beat the luxury and convenience that comes with chartering a private jet.

When flying via a private jet, the entire flight is all about you. When you fly first class, it’s still all about the commercial airline. Flying private allows you to fly to any destination you choose whenever you choose to do it. It’s no surprise that commercial airline meals will probably never be considered cuisine. In first class, your meals are upgraded a little but with few choices to pick from. On a private jet, you can customize your meal to whatever you want and even choose specific brands.

You can pick and choose your arrival and departure terminals when flying by private jet. This is ideal for those who want to avoid traffic at busy hubs. It is also convenient for those who need to land close to their destination. You can avoid long cab rides and enjoy more time at your final destination. When you fly commercial, you have to abide by the airline’s flight schedule and possible layovers. This can cause you to miss important business meetings, family events, etc. Having to sleep at an airport or kill time for hours is extremely inconvenient.

Flying with a pet in cargo can make your pet and yourself very anxious. If you can find a commercial airline that will allow your pet on board, you can expect to pay an additional hefty charge. When you charter a private jet, your fur baby can sit right beside you or on your lap. You can even choose the interior to your liking of your private jet. You can ask for additional seating if traveling in a group, or have seats removed for additional room space. When you fly first class on a commercial airline, you still have to sit next to or near strangers. On a private jet, you can travel with only your loved ones and those you want around you. It’s so discreet you can hold meetings or conference calls in flight.

Many celebrities frequently charter private jets for both privacy and luxury. The Kardashian family and Kanye West usually always fly private. Model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently flew private with her newborn baby for a family Christmas vacation. Lionel Richie and family chartered a private jet to New York to support his daughter Sophia Richie in a fashion show.

Once you reach your destination, a private chauffeur can drive you to the tarmac directly. It may be costly to fly private, but it can be more cost effective if you split the fee with friends and family.