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The Benefits of Chartering A Private Jet

Traveling by private jet isn’t just for celebrities and the rich anymore. Sergey Petrossov busines and commercial airlines are doing everything they can to upgrade their first class seats to compete with what private jets have to offer. They still can’t beat the luxury and convenience that comes with chartering a private jet. When flying via a private jet, the…

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Where to look for art to buy in Miami

Buying quality artwork is not only reserved for the rich people. It is easier than always perceived to get a quality piece of artwork from both emerging and well-known artists. First, it is critical to put into consideration the medium that you prefer the artwork presented on. Miami has a prolific artwork selection that will surely satisfy even the most…

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American Repertory Theater Raises a Record

It is true that the arts often struggle to receive the funding that they deserve. This is despite the fact that visual art, singing, dancing, playing instruments and acting are edifying in ways that connect with audiences and that contribute to building and sustaining a healthy society. While many arts programs often find themselves making passionate pleas for support to…

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Where to Search For Art in Miami

Searching for art in Miami is quite important for every investor, and there are people coming to Miami to search for art, and they find quite a lot of new artists in the city. Someone who is looking for art in the city such as George Lindemann and Leonardo DiCaprio will purchase from their favorite artist. There are quite a few new artists in the city, and there is a place in the city where anyone may begin buying art as an investment. This article shows how simple it is to purchase the proper rat for a collection.

Woodstock Art Collection Donated to New York State Museum

ALBANY, N.Y. >> The New York State Museum is getting a large collection of early 20th-century artwork from the Woodstock art colony in Ulster County. The museum, in downtown Albany, announced Tuesday that 1,500 paintings, sculptures and archival materials were donated by collector Arthur Anderson, who lives in the Woodstock area. A year-round artists’ colony known as Brydcliffe was established…

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A Million Years from Hermosa Beach: Kim Gordon on Raymond Pettibon

The New Museum is 3,000 miles away from Hermosa Beach, California, and a million years away from a memory of meeting Raymond Pettibon in the backyard at a house party where Henry Rollins and Black Flag were emotionally abusing an audience backed straight up against the walls. The sun was shining. It was a beautiful southern California afternoon.