Recycled Art Projects That You Can Do Yourself


Let’s face it, we are tired of looking at those old things at home. They keep on stacking up in the garage, the kitchen, your room and just about every part of the house. Don’t you just wish that you can do something about it so that it would one day become useful? Well, there is always a solution for everything. Why not try to recycle old stuff and create something new out of them. Create a work of art that will definitely be something that you can display inside or outside your homes.

How about you start with finding those old clothespin in the laundry. Pick the ones that are made of wood making sure that they are dry. Now what do you see? Can you imagine seeing two kissing things? It could be a drawing of an animal; dogs, birds or even humans. You can play with your imagination and you will definitely come up with a great design. Now go to your room and find those old crayons. Get your illustration board and place it in an inclined position making sure that the crayons are pasted on top of the illustration board. Right after that you can start and turn your blow dry into hot and high so that the colors will melt and you will have a beautiful piece of art work that you can hang in your room.

giphyHow about a DIY lamp for your living room? Yes, that is possible using old but clean plastic spoons. All you have to do is cut the tips of the spoon and arrange them in a circular pattern. Use a plastic bottle and cover them with the spoons securely. Right after you have fully covered them, you can then add a bulb and hang it in your loving area. Do you see those unused glass bottles lying around your garage? Those bottles that you have used during parties and special event? Well, you can use them as a flower vase. To make them a work of art, you clean dry it up and then tie it up with a wrap with a rope and spray it with different colors of paint. You can leave it to dry before you remove the rope and you will have a beautifully crafted flower vase.

There are still a lot of things that you can revamp at home. Another one is your old lamp shade. If your lamp shade is made up of paper or cloth you can even use water color to put a dash of color to your room. How about those peanut butter or Nutella containers left lying in the kitchen? What can you do with them? You can clean them up and dry them and paint the colors of the inside to the same tint as the original content. Say for example for the Nutella containers you can paint them dark chocolate while for peanut butter you can paint them with brownish-yellowing color.

This will give the idea that there are still some delicious spreads inside the container yet you will be using them for a different purpose. Use them to store those art brushes or pencils or even coloring materials! There’s an endless possibility. How about the cardboards that are discarded after a roll of tissue paper is consumed? You can actually paint them and attached them on hard boards before you hang them on the wall and insert those papers or house bills.

See, there are so much art work even when you are at home. If you just find the time sit down and use your creativity, you will surely find something to do with those old things.